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[Review] Cherry Bullet – Cherry Dash

The girls from Cherry Bullet are back with their new mini-album ‘Cherry Dash’. Let’s dive right in because if it’s as good as their previous mini, we’re already sold.

Cherry Dash

We start off with the title track ‘P.O.W. (Play on the world)’. This is a Dance Pop track that will have you move your body. There’s a lot of power to this one. The instrumentals are very present and have a nice ebb and flow so it doesn’t get overwhelming. The chorus is a MOMENT! Let’s go clubbing!

‘Whistle Like That’ is an up-tempo dance pop track. The whistling in the instrumental is catchy and I am really digging the soft chorus. The pre-chorus has a good drive to it, that balances their vocals and the tempo change well.

After that comes ‘Cloud Nine’. We’re going for a more jazzy vibe with the brass sections and the addition of the strings. This will have you sing along to the chorus in no time. The ending feels very open and leaves you wanting more.

‘Queen’ is a track that’ll boost serotonin and make you feel like a real queen. The Dance Pop track has a cool piano line and honestly the chorus is so camp. I love it!

The closing track is ‘A Winter Star’. Members Haeyoon and Bora wrote the lyrics for this mid-tempo ballad. I really liked this part of the album description: “You and I, who warmly shine on each other even when the cold winter comes to our hearts, are likened to winter stars, and contain the hope that the stars will gather and spend a friendly winter.”

Overall ‘Cherry Dash’ is by Cherry Bullet is a lovely mini-album that has a lot of fun tracks. I’ll be sure to re-listen to this EP.

Go listen to it here on Spotify.

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