Photo Credits: KOZ Entertainment

BOYNEXTDOOR debuts with ‘WHO!’

KOZ Entertainment first idol group BOYNEXTDOOR released their debut single album ‘WHO!’.

Consisting of JAEHYUNSUNGHORIWOOTAESANLEEHAN, and WOONHA, this group is ready to take over the charts. We are intrigued to listen to which direction they will take with their music, the members actively participated in the production of this release.

Let’s listen to the music they prepare for this triple title track release.

The first ‘But I Like You‘ kicks off this single release on a playful note, with trendy beats and a touch of pop-rock. This single is a super fun listen from start to end. The energy, singing and rapping is amazing, definitely an amazing start.

This single was pre-released a week ago along with its music video, watch the very cute performance and killing dancing skills below.

Next up is ‘One and Only‘ taking over with hip-hop vibes and a super fun flow. the beats mix, changes of rhythm, vocals and rapping are amazing and full of swag. They delivered in every single second of this song. The MV for this release was also pre-released and shows their unique charm and style with a fun choreography and amazing facial expressions. Check it below.

We reach the end of this single album with ‘Serenade‘, starting with acoustic guitar and melodic rapping, this song is very catchy, specially in its pre-hook. The full lot is very cheesy, youthful, fun and adorable. For the music video this gets even better with the members following their crush while helping their friend confess his love. Watch in below.

BOYNEXTDOOR definitely surprised us with a super refreshing and fun debut single album. Every single song has a special element, ‘WHO!’ is a total non-skip. Listen to this release here.

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