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[Review] Boston 1947

We’re back with a new film review and this time we watched ‘Boston 1947’. Let’s take a closer look!

Boston 1947

The 2023 film ‘Boston 1947’ was written and directed by Kang Je-Gyu and distributed by Lotte Entertainment.

This patriotic film tells the true story of the marathon runner Suh Yun-bok who was the first Korean runner at the Boston Marathon in 1947.

We follow his story as well as his coaches’ stories Sohn Kee-chung and Nam Sung-yong.

Sohn won the gold medal during the 1936 Berlin Olympics. He was a Native Korean but as Korea was still under Japanese occupation, he had to wear the Japanese flag and listen to the Japanese anthem as opposed to the Korean one. After Korea was liberated, he never managed to get the win assigned to Korea. Sohn is portrayed by Ha Jung-woo who does a great job.

Suh (Im Si-Wan) is a poor runner. He delivers noodles all around Seoul while struggling to pay for his mother’s medicine as she’s very ill. Nam (Bae Seong-Woo), the coach of the marathon team and also a bronze Olympic medalist decides to pay Suh to run in the team.

With the help of the Americans, they need to participate in the Boston Marathon before they can enter the next Olympics. ‘Boston 1947’ tells the story of how they get there and how the actual race progresses.

It’s an interesting tale, with a lot of heart and emotional moments. The running scenes are portrayed well and don’t get dull. It’s a very good sports film.

Go ahead and watch the trailer below.

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