Photo Credits: IST Entertainment


As the frosty season settles in, ATBO invites listeners into a winter wonderland with their first single album ‘MUST HAVE‘, with a mix of heartwarming classics and contemporary twists.

Opening the album is the title track ‘Must Have Love,’ originally a Christmas classic by SG Wannabe and Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain in 2006. ATBO infuses the timeless joy of the original with their unique touch, adding a delightful rap section and beautiful melodies. The accompanying music video takes viewers on a charming journey, featuring snow adventures, schoolboys, and Christmas Eve festivities, each frame exuding wholesome and heartwarming vibes.

Mayday‘ introduces a change in tone with its hip-hop-driven beats and a delightful synth line. Embracing a more lighthearted atmosphere, the track unfolds with pretty harmonies and rap verses that are both soft and sharp. It’s a refreshing departure that adds diversity to the winter-themed release.

Starting with an intriguing blend of EDM and piano, ‘We Need Nothing‘ offers a heartwarming and sweet tempo. The song’s composition is fantastic, featuring unexpected effects throughout its duration. The result is an adorable feel that complements the winter season and adds a layer of warmth to the album.

Closing the album is the English version of ‘Must Have Love,’ featuring the vocals of Ryu Jun-min and Kim Yeon-gyu. This bilingual finale adds a delightful touch to the release, allowing listeners to experience the classic in a new linguistic light.

ATBO first single album is definitely full of surprises and lovely tunes. Make sure to check it out here.

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