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[Review] TEMPEST – On and On

TEMPEST is back with their third mini-album ‘ON and ON‘. It has been just a couple of months since their last comeback and we are excited to listen to what they have prepared for this release.

These 2022 rookies have been gaining a lot of attention since their debut earlier this year, and we are looking forward to check what’s next for them.

Let’s dive into they music prepared for this release.

ON and ON

Starting off with a feel good, party-like vibe, ‘Taste The Feeling‘ begins this release on a very bright and cute note. This pop single is a lovely listen. The members did a great job showing off the happiness and positive feel in this track. The harmonisations are adorable, and the full song is a total happy bop.

The title track ‘Dragon‘ comes up next with intense beats and a lot of power. This song is a lot more trap and hip-hop based sound. The changes in speed and beat drops are super cool, and the chanting perfect to hype up crowds. For the music video, we get angsty visuals with a lot of performance incorporated, the choreography for this song looks like a dance break, pure power. Watch in below.

On a softer and way vibey note ‘Loving Number‘ comes up next, if you are up for fun beats with a very sweet tone, this song is it. I love the energy it has, the vocals are fantastic and the rapping super cool.

Closing this EP, we get the single ‘Raise Me Up‘. The smoothness in the singing is a vibe! The high notes in the bridge just incredible, and they really decided to end this mini-album on a powerful note.

TEMPEST keeps growing musically with every single comeback. Their sound and vibe keeps evolving and improving with every single release.

Make sure to listen to this release here. You can check out their previous EP here.

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