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[Review] Once Upon a Small Town

For this week’s drama we are talking about a feel good drama, with plenty of cuteness, and a light hearted romance. Let’s talk about ‘Once Upon a Small Town’.

Based on the web novel ‘Accidental Country Diary’ by Park Ha-min, ‘Once Upon a Small Town’ was written by Baek Eun-Kyeong and directed by Kwon Seok-jang.

This drama narrates the story of Ahn Ja-young (Park Soo-young (Joy)), a police officer in a small town that is located four hours from Seoul. Ja-young is native to this city and knows all the villagers, she is known for being the voice of the people in this city and is loved by everyone.

Han Ji-yul (Choo Young-woo) is a veterinarian who has his own practice in Seoul. His grandfather runs a veterinary hospital in the small village. He is lured into going to the small town, and he is forced to take over the hospital while his grandfather is on holidays. 


With a bumpy start Ji-yul meets Ja-young, and as soon she meets him, she recognizes him from their childhood when he spent a full summer in the small village, however, Ji-yul does not remember this. 

Ji-yul is forced to interact with the villagers, and work as a veterinarian for many of the farms. As the voice of the villagers, Ja-young meets Ji-yul quite often. Eventually he realizes that she is the young girl he met in his childhood during a sad summer, and the feeling of attraction and love grows stronger. 

However, they both will inevitably separate when Ji-yul goes back to his life in Seoul, making Ja-young worry about what’s next for them. 

Feel Good Drama

Once Upon a Small Town’ is an easy to watch drama with a feel good and very cute plot. The scenery, acting and story is uncomplicated, romantic and fresh.

Running also on the short length, this series is perfect for a chill binge watch, the acting, scenery, and relationships between the characters are wholesome, very cute, and also funny. The interactions with the villagers, the farmers, and animals is heart-warming. In a nutshell this is a super easy rom-com with childhood friends turned lovers type of plot.

If you want to check it out, it is available on Netflix, watch the trailer below. 

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