BLOO is back with his new album ‘BLOO IN WONDERLAND 2‘, this release includes his pre-released track ‘Get Money I Love It‘, ‘Drama‘ and my personal favourite ‘Bloo Story‘.

Let’s check out the tracks of this release, I am sure we are onto exploring great music.


A jazzy intro starts off this release in ‘Pills and Drinks‘, BLOO’s rap delivery in this track is his usual lay back and chill, with a touch of autotune that goes well with the beat and flow of this track.

The first title track ‘Come and kiss me‘ plays with the inclusion of an acoustic guitar that is seriously exuding sensual vibes and go fantastically with the concept music video. Check it below.

With some killer rap delivery and a cypher like beat we get the track ‘RAP‘. this one is followed by the pre-released tracks ‘Get Money I Love It‘ and ‘Drama‘.

TALK TO ME‘ flows with a very much chill vibe and an riff arrangement that enhances BLOO rapping. We continue on with ‘in the dark‘, this song has a heavier electronic arrangement but smooth low pitched singing that felt like a whisper in the ear.

On a lighter note ‘what if‘ begins, this song is a nice pause after the previous one, it has a trendy EDM based beat and a catchy whistling. It is kinda cute in a very unique way.

We go back to the cypher-like vibe with ‘Stylish2015‘, to then move onto R&B with ‘anxiety disorder‘, in the later I really liked the sharp rap delivery, and the smooth piano solo in its outro (**Chef’s kiss).

Hella Lit‘ comes it next and provides the perfect track to jam to, this song is fun and I loved its EDM track. The last two singles in this release are the NERD Remix of the single ‘Drama‘ with serious summer vibes and the pre-release song ‘Bloo Story‘.

Makes sure to listen to this release here, and head over to our review for BLOO’s previous release.

Kathleen Herrera
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