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Rapper In The Spotlight: BLOO

BLOO is a rapper born in South Korea and raised in Los Angeles. He debuted officially in 2016 with the mixtape ‘Tony’ under MKIT Rain , an LA label, house of artists like Nafla, Loopy, Owen and others. 

Daniel Pryne

Before joining this company he was part of the underground hip-hop scene and was featured in different independent releases under the stage name ‘Daniel Prynne’, you can find some of these releases here

Tony (Mixtape)

All rounder

In 2017 he released the singles ‘Better’, ‘Hennessy’ and his first mini-album ‘Downtown Baby’. With the mini-album he had a prominent shift in sound and style in comparison to all of his previous releases.

Downtown Baby’ has a more melodic rapping, whereas the rest of his releases were heavier on lyrical delivery and rhyming. Nevertheless, this release helped BLOO increase his popularity and establish his name in the industry. Below you can listen to these releases. 

BLOO released the singles ‘Drink Slow Henny’, ‘Rude’ and ‘Take’ in 2018, with these releases he went back to his signature rap delivery and trap inspired sound. Check them out below.

In the same year he released the EP ‘BLOO IN WONDERLAND’. The title track of this release ‘I’m the one’ is probably one of my personal favourites. I loved his melodic rap delivery and the electric guitar inclusion made this track quite different from his previous releases. This EP was unexpected, unique and incredible. 

His collaboration with label mates Nafla and Loopy, was released in early 2019. ‘NBA’ goes hard from start to finish and the music video has that 90s nostalgia momentum that we all love. Check out the music video below. 

boyfromthemoon’ was pre-released in the same year and it was part of BLOO’s EP ‘It’s not Love I’m just Drunk’. With this release he experimented a lot more with his music, in the pre-released track he used autotune and with the rest of the songs in this EP he had a more lazy-melodic rap delivery. 

This EP is a very interesting listen. I particularly liked how he has broadened his music style and has tried to not rabbit hole his music. Check out the music video for the pre-release below, and go and check out this EP here. You won’t regret it. 

BLOO hasn’t stopped creating music since he started his career as a rapper. This year he released the single album ‘Hey, Go smile’ which included the songs ‘When I Smoke’ and ‘Let It Go’. 

If you want to listen to a few of his older releases check his Soundcloud. Below you can listen to his releases under MKIT Rain.

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