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[Actor Spotlight] Jung So-Min

We’re back with a new Actor Spotlight and this time we’re all about Jung So-Min. I absolutely adore this actess. She’s so good at portraying quirky and down-to-earth characters. Let’s take a closer look!


Jung So-Min started acting in 2010. Her first role was in the K-drama ‘Bad Guys’.

Her first leading role was also in the same year. ‘Playful Kiss’ was popular worldwide and helped her career gain traction.

In 2012 she came back with roles in the series ‘Standby’ and ‘Can we get married?’

In 2014 she had a role in ‘Big Man’.

2015 was a big year. She had a role in the K-drama ‘D-Day’ as well as roles in her two first feature films ‘Twenty’ and ‘Alice: Boy from Wonderland’.

The year after she starred in ‘The Sound of Your Heart’.

Because this is my first life

2017 was an absolutely massive year for Jung. She was the leading lady in the amazing ‘Because this is my first life’ K-drama. She was also in the popular film ‘Daddy You, Daughter Me’. And then she was also in the series ‘My father is strange’.

The year after she was also in the massive ‘The smile has left your eyes’.

After all of these she had a couple of cameos in series like ‘What’s wrong with Secretary Kim’, ‘My roommate is a Gumiho’ and ‘Be Melodramatic’.

In 2020 and 2021 Jung had roles in ‘Soul Mechanic’ and ‘Monthly Magazine Home’.

Last year, 2022, was another insane year for her. ‘Alchemy of Souls’ , the K-drama was an absolute hit. You literally couldn’t escape it.

She also had a role in ‘Project Wolf Hunting’.

Her latest project is the romcom ’30Days’.

You can follow her on Instagram here.

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