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[Review] Fifty Fifty – The Fifty

Girl groups have been killing it non stop since the beginning of the year, and yet again we got a brand new girl group with four members, a lot of style and a fresh sound.

Fifty Fifty is the new girl group under ATTRAKT. Consisting of Aran, Keena, Saena and Sio, this quartet is ready to show what they have in their first mini-album ‘The Fifty‘. They dropped the pre-release single ‘Lovin’ Me‘ a couple of days ago, and the sound and vibe were absolutely immaculate.

Let’s dive into the music and check what they prepared for their debut release.

The Fifty

Tell Me‘ is the opening song for this mini-album and starting off we get a funky guitar and an amazing beat. The members’ vocals are absolutely incredible, and the rapping perfection. The retro city pop vibe in this single is something else. What a start.

The pre-release single ‘Lovin’ Me‘ follows up and from the first single this single reminded me a lot to Chung-ha’s ‘Killing Me’. It has totally the same feel and probably the same sample. Nevertheless, the style and core of this song is completely different. The feel in the vocals and backing track are beautiful to listen to, and the nostalgia feel is something else. Watch the music video below.

We move on to the title track ‘Higher‘, and for this song the get a retro synth pop sound and sweet singing. The harmonies in this song are flawless, and the rap-line totally delivers in their verses. This song is very feminine, charming, and has a special factor that will have listeners jamming to it and smiling. Pure Magic.

For the music video, we get the same vibe with a lot of sweetness, stunning visuals, and interesting CGI for an extra touch. Check it below.

Moving on, on a completely different spectrum we get the closing single ‘Log in‘. This song brings EDM and synth in a hype tune. There is a touch of aggressive rap, which was very unexpected but very dope. The surprises never stop, especially in the instrumental bridge and outro. I love the very smoothly done pauses and beat transitions. This song is a ride to listen to, and needless to say Fifty Fifty really leaves a strong impression with this release.

Once again we were absolutely shocked with this debut. Rookies 2022 are on a different level, and we are loving it.

Listen to Fifty Fifty ‘The Fifty’ here.

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