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[Review] ATEEZ – ZERO : FEVER Part.2

The boys from ATEEZ are back with their new EP ‘ZERO : FEVER Part.2’. The K-pop world has been in shambles for a couple of weeks, especially now with the whole Spotify situation. Luckily this EP is available on Spotify here.


We start off with the title track ‘Fireworks (I’m the one)’. This EDM/Trap fusion is such an ideal title track. It grabs your attention, it’s catchy and the members all perform flawlessly. 

‘The Leaders’ starts off with a very hip-hop feel. The whisper part had me 100% shook. Talk about a musical whiplash, man. You never know where the song is going so it holds your focus for the full three minutes and twelve seconds. This is bonkers, but it’s so well done. I do wish they had held back the autotune a bit. 

Next up we get ‘Time Of Love’ which brings us to R&B with a splash of pop. It’s cute and feels like a catchy summer song. There are quite a few interesting samples used in the background of the instrumentals. It’s fun, dynamic and I dig their more natural vocals. Also hello, harmonies!!

‘Take Me Home’ follows that up with a bit more funk to it. I’m digging these instrumentals. Those synths had me vibing. There are these little ‘oohs’ that are so groovy. The chorus though is definitely the highlight for me. That sounds beautiful.The little saxophone at the end is *chef’s kiss*.

We follow that up with ‘Celebrate’ which introduces us to a bit of ATEEZ gospel. This might just be my favorite of the full EP. It’s a shot of serotonin with smooth jazz piano and fabulous vocals. There’s a lot happening but it makes it hella interesting. Also the belting in the background, immaculate. 

The next single is the English version of ‘Take Me Home’.

Closing off this EP is ‘I’m the one – HEAT-TOPPING version’ which has a lot more swagger than the original version in my opinion. I dig it. 

‘ZERO : FEVER Part.2’ by ATEEZ is a fabulous exploration of sounds. I definitely enjoyed the various genres and the fact that they’re good at all of them. Mingi and Hongjoong have credits on all of the songs, which we stan. If you want to check out our review for ‘Part.1’, click here.

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