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[Review] ATEEZ – ZERO : FEVER Part.3

The boys from ATEEZ are back with their brand new EP ‘ZERO : FEVER Part.3’. We are super stoked to hear this new release. I’m expecting bops and high quality.


We start off with the first of two title tracks. ‘Eternal Sunshine’. This synth pop track sets the tone well, and reminds me of the summer. It’s a light, refreshing track that is a major bop. I really enjoyed the bridge with the chanting and the vocal belts.

‘Feeling Like I Do’ follows that with a Tropical Dance sound. It’s fun and I really wish that they had prolonged the rap verse a bit. There’s a lot of interesting samples they used in the instrumentation.

The second title track ‘Deja Vu’ comes next. This contemporary Dance track makes good use of the synths and it is a typical ATEEZ title track in the sense that it hits hard and it is a total vibe. The rap verses gave me chills! The entire song is awesome.

Go ahead and check out the new music video. It’s visuals left, right and center.

‘ROCKY’ is next. The song’s based on the film ‘Rocky’. The rock influences are super cool! I’m in love with the electric guitar they added.

Following that is ‘All About You’. This R&B track slows everything down a little which is quite lovely at this point in the EP. We get great vocals, atmospheric sounds and a cool beat. This song is such a lo-fi, easy listening vibe. I dig it.

The closing track is ‘Not Too Late’. This is a slow ballad that is going to tug at your heartstrings. The vocals and the warmth take center stage.

OVerall, ‘ZERO : FEVER Part.3’ by ATEEZ is a very cohesive EP. I’m very happy with the double title tracks.

You can find the EP on Spotify here.

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