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[Review] ATBO – The Beginning: 飛上

2022 rookies ATBO are back with their third mini-album ‘The Beginning: 飛上‘, this group has been gaining a lot of attention, and even won several awards in the end-of-year ceremonies.

Let’s get right into the music and check what they have prepared for the fans!

The Beginning: 飛上

Starting off strong with a bouncy and hip-hop driven vibe, ‘Bounce‘ begins this release, the rap-line stands out in this song with their fantastic delivery and flow, the use of beat drops between sections is very cool and the chanting adds extra hype to this single.

The title track ‘Next To Me‘ brings back old school beats and plenty of groove. This single is jazzy, fun and definitely very unexpected. The vocals are fantastic and they just get better with the instrumentals and harmonies. For the music video, they went for rather natural aesthetics and a very fun concept. The dance sequences, and groups shots look fun, youthful and super adorable. Check it below.

Just Dance‘ moves this release along with vibey synth, disc scratching, and GROOVE. The brass, vocal pitch and mix in this song are fantastic, energising and amazingly done. The vocals, rapping, and arrangement in this single are super dope, with old-school vibes but the unique charm of this rookie group.

R&B takes over in ‘Love Me‘, and the vocal line shines in this single. The power of the tones mixed their charisma, adds a special factor to this track. Definitely a very fun and chill listen!

On a more cutesy pop vibe, ‘Good Thing‘ adds the soft vibes into this mini, this song is super wholesome, playful and cheerful. The comfort in their tone and delivery is unreal, hope and optimism in one song with incredible singing. Last in this release is ‘Just for Us‘, ending it on a soft note with acoustic and soft vocalisation. A lovely end for this great release!

ATBO keeps surprising with the amazing music. These rookies are working hard and their music is just fantastic. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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