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[Time Capsule] iKON – Airplane

iKON came back a couple of weeks ago with a brand new album. We felt nostalgic with that highly awaited comeback, and decided to bring back this masterpiece of a song released nearly eight years ago. Let’s talk about ‘Airplane’.

Back in 2015, iKON had us all feeling the feels with this song. Not only with the lyrics but also the emotions in every single verse, going straight to the heart. The vocal line shows off their power in this track, and a special mention needs to go to DK, June and Jay, they really poured their heart and soul into this song. 

For the music video we go the candid way, with a lot of footage at airports, and the members delivering the lyrics with all their heart and an angsty look. Make sure to listen to this masterpiece below. 

Check out iKON’s latest release here

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