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Actor Spotlight: Hani

The career of the multifaceted singer, actress and entertainer Hani, is our main topic in this week’s Actor Spotlight. She has a lengthy career, but we are mainly focusing on her career as an actress this time. Let’s get right into it. 

Ahn Hee-Yeon (Hani) debuted first as an idol as part of the group EXID in 2012, and her acting career officially kicked off in 2016 with the movie ‘Run-Off’.

After a couple of years dedicated to other activities, Hani came back in 2020 to re-start her acting career with the web-drama ‘XX’. This same year she also participated in the production ‘The Spies Who Loved Me’ and the TV Movie ‘SF8: White Crow’. 

Career growth

2021 was a big year in Hani’s acting career, the variety in her roles, and her amazing talent led her to participate in several productions with a wide variety of genres. During this year she landed major roles with the movie ‘Young Adults Matters’ and the dramas ‘Not Yet 30’, ‘You Raise Me Up’ and ‘Idol: The Coup’.

After a great couple of years, Hani participated in 2022 in the production ‘Ghost Doctor’, which was followed by the web-series ‘Hit the Spot’.

Hani’s latest project was the Disney+ production ‘Call It Love’, released this year. 

Here is her Instagram if you want to check her latest projects and cute pics, and make sure to listen to EXID’s latest comeback here

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