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[Review] Taeyeon – To.X

Taeyeon is finally back with new music! She’s come out with her new mini-album ‘To.X’. We’re beyond stoked so let’s dive right in!


We start off with the title track ‘To.X’. We’re getting some very cool guitars, with a smooth R&B vibe. The lyrics speak of a very toxic relationship and deciding to call it quits. I like the little vocal parts in the prechorus.

‘Melt Away’ comes up next. We’re getting some really lovely brass and we’re sticking with the cool guitars. The vocals are a bit fuller in this one. I enjoyed the Bossa Nova vibes. I can only imagine listening to his track somewhere during a hot summer night. The bridge is lovely!

After that we get ‘Burn it down’. I really love this line in the album description: “Just because I love you doesn’t mean you have the right to destroy me.” This power ballad has a lot of groove. Check out the translated lyrics here.

‘Nightmare’ is a lovely track. I enjoyed the flow and the snaps in the instrumentation. The vocal focused outro is dope.

‘All for nothing’ starts with a beautiful, spacious piano moment. This ballad is step-on-your-heart sad. Check out the lyrics out here because this is one vulnerable and raw track.

The closing track is ‘Fabulous’. This is a fully English track and is dripping with charisma and girlpower. This self-love anthem is awesome and really closes off the album with a banger.

‘To.X’ by Taeyeon is a very cohesive record. I wish it had a bit more power behind it, but it’s a lovely listen and really well crafted.

Go check it out here on Spotify.

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