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[R&B Gem] Chanhyun

We’re back with a new R&B Gem and this time we’re taking a look at the discography of Chanhyun. Let’s take a closer look!


After training to become a K-pop singer for several years, Chanhyun left the system and decided to find his own way. 

He debuted as a solo artist in 2021 with the single ‘Anymore’ featuring BIGONE. The song was produced by GXXD.

A couple of months later and after dropping a couple of pre-releases, Chanhyun released the first full-length album ‘The Reverse’

He also released ‘On the television’ the same year.

The single ‘But’ featuring Dive, was his first release of 2022.

Chanhyun released his first EP ‘MUSE’ that year as well. The title track is ‘SSH’ featuring none other than Leellamarz. 

His most recent comeback was the single ‘’ featuring Kim Mi Jeong.

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