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Rapper In The Spotlight: OLNL

 In this week’s rapper in the spotlight, we are diving into the career of a rapper that deserves more recognition, let’s talk about OLNL.


Lee Je-won (aka. OLNL) debuted under the agency Stoneship in 2017 with the extended play ‘Apollo’ with the lead single ‘OYEAH’.

He followed this release with the single ‘Foreign Student’, a song where he expresses personal thoughts and experiences, part of the lyrics go as follows:

“(…)Yeah, sometimes these kinds of thoughts come up
That’s the extent of my worries, because I hate being alone
I really don’t feel like being sent home
I feel like I’m working to realize a dream that isn’t mine
It’s like I’m in a plane
I fly over the clouds and sea
My life as an exchange student (…)”

Lyrics by: House of the Dragonfly

Juiceoveralcohol’ was his next release featuring Acacy, Khundi Panda and Ohiorabbit.

These two singles were included in his first album ‘All Available’. 

Show Me The Money 777

Je-won also participated in ‘Show Me The Money 777’ making it to the semi-finals, and leaving incredible performances, check a few of our favourites below.

In late 2018, he came back with the EP ‘staff ONLY’; this release was followed by the single albums ‘BLUETO-OTH’ and ‘UPDATE’ in early 2019. 

After these releases he dropped his second full-length album ‘Cyber Lover’, which was followed in 2020 by the EP ‘GOOD BOY SYNDROME’ under his new agency WEDAPLUGG Records.

Recent projects

In 2021 he came back with the single albums ‘Spelling’, ‘PAPI’ and ‘Newbie’.

His latest release was the album ‘19 Available’ with the lead single ‘ZERO%’ featuring YUNHWAY and GIRIBOY.

Make sure to check his music here, and watch his Killing Verse performance here

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