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Rapper In The Spotlight: LONELEE

In this edition of Rapper In The Spotlight, we’re shining a light on a rising star who continues to surprise us with each new release. Today we are talking about LONELEE. 

Lee Jaehong (aka. LONELEE) is a multifaceted artist, serving as a producer, singer-songwriter, and rapper. He officially made his debut under Good Project in 2022. LONELEE’s music defies easy categorization, blending elements from various genres, including rock, pop, and EDM, while maintaining a distinct hip-hop core.

Before his official debut, he teased audiences with the special single ‘Korean Mutant‘ on his YouTube channel, offering a glimpse of the musical journey to come.

His debut EP, ‘SHOWER,’ featured the standout title track ‘Y,’ featuring TRADE L. This debut extended play showcased LONELEE’s versatility, and it featured other indie artists including Summer Soul, Kidd King, and Park Hyeon Jin.

Shortly after his official debut, he unleashed his second EP, ‘SNOW FLURRY,’ which saw him taking a more hip-hop-focused approach compared to his debut. Notable features from Rakon, OoOo, and others added depth to this release.

In early 2023, LONELEE dropped his first digital single, ‘So, Goodbye,’ featuring Chu Seo Jun. This track marked a departure from his earlier style, leaning into a more pop-rock sound with a compelling delivery.

This release was followed by the singles ‘LEDGE‘ and ‘HIGH-END,’ featuring Ellui. These tracks showcased the full spectrum of LONELEE’s musical range and his ability to navigate diverse styles.

Latest releases 

LOVE PHOBIA,’ featuring GOLDBUUDA, is among his most recent releases. LONELEE provided listeners with six distinct remixes in addition to the original version, creating a unique musical experience in each one of them. 

His latest comeback, the single ‘SHOWINDOW‘ featuring WEREMA, showcases LONELEE’s unique instrumentation and raspy vocals, staying true to the musical identity he has built since his debut just over a year ago.

Despite his relatively short time in the industry, LONELEE has consistently released incredible music, marked by versatility and a distinctive flair. We eagerly anticipate more from this talented artist. Make sure to follow him on Instagram for updates, and listen to his discography here.  

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