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[Review] CHUU – Howl

Our girl CHUU is back with her first solo debut mini-album ‘Howl’. We are beyond stoked for this release, so let’s take a closer look!


CHUU starts us off with her title track ‘Howl‘. I love this track so much. The opening is fantastic and I love the vocals in combo with the synths.

This music video is freaking adorable.

‘Underwater’ was pre-released and is a beautiful pop ballad with great R&B influences. This was such a great first listen.

Next up is ‘My Palace’. This track has a very cool chord progression and I love the plucky violins. The electric guitars in the instrumentals also add a great dimension. CHUU’s vocals in this are really well done.

After that comes ‘Aliens’ which really brings out all the synths and even, according to the album description, adds dolphin sounds to the instrumentation which I personally thought was hilarious. Though I didn’t really hear that in the audio.

The closing track is ‘Hitchhiker’. This is a very warm synth pop track. I love the vocal play in the chorus. It’s a bop.

Overall ‘Howl’ by CHUU is a great release and a very solid solo debut. I hope to hear a lot more from her in the future.

Go ahead and listen to it here.

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