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Queendom Puzzle – Episode 10 (Finale) recap

Queendom Puzzle has reached its season finale, and this show has been a rollercoaster of emotions, amazing performances and many surprises.

This episodes kicked off by showing the goodbyes of the members that left last week, as we all expected it was emotional, sad, but wholesome, they all shared candid words and bid farewell to the members leaving.

After this, once again we saw the Puzzle Room, but this time with a lot less members, for the singles each team needed 7 members, however, the ‘Billionare’ team was now down to 4.

Nana and Hwiseo ranked as the top members for the team ‘Billionare’ and ‘Last Piece’, respectively, and the got the benefit of assembling their line-up and assigning the positions for each song.

After a lot of thoughts, picking and even overlapping a couple of times the team for the final performance ended with:

‘Billionare’ Team: Yeonhee, Nana, Suyun, Wooyeon, Jihan Yuki and Kei.

‘Last Piece’ Team: Hwiseo, Yuri, Jiwoo, Yeeun, Elly, Yeoreum and Dohwa.

The Final Stages

The ‘Billionare‘ team was the first one to take the stage, for their preparation they had members of La Chica mentoring them, and sharing encouraging words. After a lot of practicing the went on stage to deliver a very impressive performance with a striking intro.

This song was packed with SWAG and the choreography was super cool and very clean. The member really gave their all and totally delivered.

Last Piece‘ was next and this team totally destroyed the stage with a powerful song and an electrifying performance. This line-up was super powerful and the bridge for the song was fantastic. They totally delivered a memorable performance. Watch it below.

After the stages and voting ended, the mentors and members gave some encouraging words to the member still competing. Riina and Sahna took over after and surprised viewers by teasing two performances that will reunited all the participants.

After this announcement we got to see a bit of behind the scenes, when all the members reunited once again and got divided to eat Thai food, Korean food and even sandwiches. It was really heartwarming to watch as they said they made friends and connections and valuable colleagues. 

After that interlude both the drop and pick team came together for a performance of ‘Charismatic’. The same happened for ‘Snap’. It was great to see all of the members again. 

After that we got the last personal interviews. The series filmed for four months so a lot of connections were made, feelings were felt and memories were made. 


Then it was finally time to announce the seven members of the final line-up of EL7Z UP.

Taeyeon started with the name of the 3rd placed member: Yuki. Fourth place went to Kei. Yeoreum snagged the fifth spot. Sixth place went to Yeonhee. 

After that Taeyeon announced the first place winner: Hwiseo. Second place went to Nana. The last spot went to Yeeun. 

The final line-up for EL7Z UP is:


The debut album is supposed to come out sometime in September. We can’t wait!