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The girls from STAYC are finally back with their new mini-album ‘TEENFRESH’. Let’s take a closer look!


We start off with the title track ‘BUBBLE’. This is an adorable pop track with a cool synth and a funky instrumentation. The samples they added were a lot of fun. The track has a really nice message to just live like yourself and not let other people change you.

Next up is ‘Not Like You’. We’re going for Afro beats and a very impressive pre-chorus and chorus. This is actually super cool and something I haven’t come across in K-pop a lot before.

‘I Wanna Do’ follows that up with contemporary R&B. It blends drill beats with nostalgic melodies and it makes for an interesting combination. The vocals are on point and I’m actually curious to hear an acoustic version of this. The bridge is a moment!

‘Be Mine’ is an alt pop track with a very Y2K style.

After that we get the English Version of ‘Bubble’ and the sped up version of the English version that is ready to become a TikTok trend.

Go listen to the album on Spotify here.

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