Photo Credits: HYBE LABELS

MV Rec: NewJeans – Cool With You

NewJeans’ latest comeback did not just include bop after bop, but also gifted bunnies with visuals for every single song. Today we are talking about one of our favourites, with two sides to the same story, an incredible cast and movie-like cinematography. Let’s dive into ‘Cool With You’.

The side A of ‘Cool With You’ starts with none other than Jung Ho-yeon, playing the role of a Goddess playing cupid and making strangers fall in love with her energy. NewJeans play part as bystanders seeing her actions and how she slowly falls in love with a mortal, and decides to give up her deity status to follow her heart.

After becoming human, she follows her heart and searches for the human she fell in love with, to live her own love story. While her story is narrated the NewJeans girls are dancing fairies. Our Goddess’ love story doesn’t last long when world superstar Tony Leung shows up as another deity that makes Ho-yeon’s human love interest completely forget about her and their love story.

This music video ends with Ho-yeon finding NewJeans performing ‘Get Up’, and walking away to face reality.

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