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MV Rec: SWJA – Burst it all

For this week’s music video recommendation, I really wanted to share the single ‘Burst it all’ by SWJA

If you’re having trouble with anxiety and depression, let this song be of help. The cathartic bridge because of the excellent build-up is a nice way to release pent-up emotions. 

The lyrics are relatable and got me kind of choked up. Here’s a snippet.

“I want to run till I feel all breathless
Cry my eyes out and be out of breath
All that is on my mind
I want to set it all free
Burst it all (Uh, burst it all)”


The music video is beautifully shot in Italy. The shots where we can see the birds left me absolutely mesmerized and everything was framed really nicely. The sense of being caged in with the cathartic floating scene was an amazing experience. 

Go ahead and check it below.

You can find ‘burst it all’ by SWJA on Spotify here.

Ilse Van Den Heede
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