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Ode To The Artist: OuiOui

For this week’s Ode To The Artist I wanted to take a closer look at the musical duo OuiOui. They’ve been around since 2018 and have continuously released amazing songs with the ever stunning anime style covers. The cover is always created by Canadian illustrator Yue who has also collaborated with brands like Gentle Monster and Jean Paul Gaultier. 

Here’s their very own description from their Melon profile: “OuiOui is a  female R&B group formed by Meijee, a member who wrote and composed lyrics for Acourve’s ‘What I Want to Say’ and ‘If You Love Me’, and vocalist Blueny, who is a disciple of Naul and has a charming tone and outstanding singing ability. The duo OuiOui is a combination of songwriting and vocal skills, and is the first female duo presented by Inplanet, the cradle of R&B music.”


They debuted in 2018 with the single ‘Thinkin’ bout You’.

The same year they also released the singles ‘Not too far’, ‘ocean’, and ‘Moonlight’.

In 2019 OuiOui released ‘We’ll be alright’, ‘Our Spring’, ‘Forever with you’ and ‘Maybe I’.

The following year they dropped ‘Too Late’, ‘On The Road’ and ‘No Doubt’.

2021 they came back with the singles ‘Why?’, ‘DD’, ‘Day & Night’ and ‘Same or different’.

2022 was busy with several singles and also two OSTs. Here are two of my favorites. 

This year they’ve already released three singles: ‘Love All Day’, ‘I Still’, and ‘River’.

Go ahead and check out their full discography on Spotify here.

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