Photo Credits: SM Entertainment / Cube Ent. / ADOR

[OffStage] Shin Heewon

In this week’s off stage we want to talk about the career of a music director whose work have taken us through every existing mood. Let’s dive into Shin Heewon’s works.

Heewon’s career prior starting to direct music videos was focused on documentaries and experimental films. His journey in the music industry started in 2015, when he directed the legendary Red Velvet’s visuals for the single ‘Automatic‘, and its elegant and stylish concept.

A lot of his work have been for SM Entertainment, and he has during his career directed video for SHINee, f(x), EXO, Red Velvet, NCT Dream and one of his latest ones was for Girls Generations latest comeback.

Cube Entertainment

Along with his works for SM, he also expanded his portfolio working with other several artists, one of his first works outside this agency was for Cube Entertainment’s then soloist Hyuna and her single ‘Babe’, CLC’s single ‘Where Are You’, BTOB’s ‘Missing You’ and ‘Only One For Me’, and the special unit group Triple H’s ‘365 Fresh’.

Latest works

A few of his other works include SEVENTEEN’s single ‘Pretty U’, Rocket Punch’s ‘Chiquita’, The Boyz’s ‘Drink It’ and ‘ATEEZ ‘Don’t Stop’.

His most recent works have been for ADOR’s rookie group NewJeans, including the pre-debut single ‘Attention’, ‘Hurt’ and most recently ‘Super Shy’.

Heewon’s works have a very diverse range of styles, he has captured through this production the feeling of the sinlge and added a special touch that captivate audiences.

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