Photo Credits: KOZ Entertainment

MV Rec: Dvwn – Last

In this week’s MV Rec we are sharing another beautiful video by the R&B singer Dvwn, but this time we are going back to 2019 with the single ‘Last’. 

Dvwn’s videos are unique in their vibe, following the feels and flow of the single, these productions are made to connect with the fans in a warm and very special way.

Last’ is no exception to this, this music video follows Dvwn with a very organic and comforting concept, most of the shoots are planned to be candid, heart warming and even slightly mysterious. The different camera angles, drone shots and breath-taking scenery are absolutely incredible and elevate the feeling of this single even more. 

This music video was filmed in The Netherlands, and the production team of this MV managed to even capture the romantic evening lights and scenery. If you want to know what we are talking about check this music video below.

You can check Dvwn’s latest comeback here

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