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Ode To The Artist: Chung Ha

For this month’s Ode To The Artist we’re diving a little bit deeper into the talent that is Chung Ha. 

Chung Ha’s real name is Kim Chan-mi and when she was little she lived in Texas for eight years with her family, hence her beautiful pronunciation. 

She rose to fame with her participation in Produce 101 in 2017 where she ended up fourth and was able to join I.O.I. For their song ‘Whatta Man’ Chung Ha actually choreographed the entire thing. 

As we all know, that was a huge success and her agency, MNH Entertainment announced that when the promotions wrapped up for I.O.I that Chung Ha would debut as a solo artist. 

Her first EP ‘Hands On Me’ was a great success. Check out the title track ‘Why don’t you know’ featuring Nucksal. It’s a whole summer bop!


Chung Ha’s entire discography is filled with amazing collabs like ‘Wow Thing’, ‘These Nights’, ‘My Friend’ and ‘Watcha Doing’. She has a collab with TVXQ’s Changmin that I really recommend. There’s also the feature with Samuel, the one with Sam Kim, one with Changmo, etc. It looks like Chung Ha is the hottest feature to have. It’s all proof of her brilliance. 

Not just her collabs are great though. She has some amazing tracks under her belt and a Chung Ha guarantee is that you’re going to get a fantastic dance track in each release. 

For example ‘Roller Coaster’, which is actually the first song I ever heard by Chung Ha and I was in love ever since.

Chung Ha is basically an all-rounder. She is beautiful, she can sing, she can dance and the acting in her MVs is always great as well. There’s also the fact that she’s started writing and composing on some of her tracks. 

Just listen to this live performance.

I really wanted to share this one last song with you. If you only know Chung Ha’s title track’s you’re missing out on some great songs. My favorite B-side is ‘Call It Love’ and it is a beautiful ballad that honestly had me shook when I first heard it.

That’s it for this Ode To The Artist. It’s always fun to dive a bit deeper into an artist’s discography. Go stan Chung Ha already.

Here’s her official Instagram and her Spotify Profile

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