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[Review] RAIN – PIECES by RAIN

RAIN is back with the mini-album ‘PIECES by RAIN’. Let’s dive right in!


We start off with the only solo track on the mini-album ‘Aurora’. This ballad with rock instrumentals was written by RAIN himself. He gets to really show off his vocal power. I’m really digging the instrumentation and the backing vocals. I also enjoyed how they played with the right and left headphone balance. So get those expensive headphones out for the full experience y’all.

Next up is ‘Magnetic’ featuring Jackson Wang. Jackson, Boytoy and Oneway are credited as lyricists, composers and arrangers. We’re going smooth R&B and I LOVE the bass they used. It adds so much depth to the track which compliments the airy vocals. I wonder if they’re going to make a choreo for this track, I kind of need to see those two powerful performers dance together.

After that we get the title track featuring Chung Ha ‘Why don’t we’. The lyrics for this one were written by none other than Sik-K. I was surprised to say the least. The track is a BOP and I love this combo of RAIN and Chung Ha.

The last track is ‘Come Over’ featuring Keita, TAG and WON from the upcoming boy group Ciipher. The boy group is under RAIN’s label so this feels like a very smart move. The boys from Ciipher really show off their rap power. I’m very impressed.

On the physical album there’s the exclusive track ‘Let’s change to me’ featuring JYP.

‘PIECES by RAIN’ is visible on Spotify, however it’s unplayable so I’m assuming this is part of the Kakao M/Spotify tiff. You can find all of the tracks on YouTube though.

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.