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[Review] Taemin – Guilty

The icon Taemin is back with his fourth mini-album ‘Guilty’. We are beyond stoked, so let’s take a closer look!


We start off with the title track ‘Guilty’. This is such a superb title track. The 30 member string orchestra mixed with the explosive vocals by Taemin are such a fantastic combo. The motif of the song is so nice and honestly this is a great comeback.

‘The Rizzness’ is up next. We’re going Hip-Hop for this one with a sick beat and Taemin actually rapping. It’s pretty darn cool and he definitely has rizz (slang for charisma). The sound design for the track is really well layered.

After that comes ‘She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not’. This has a very nice guitar riff in the instrumentation and I just love the overall build-up of the track. The chorus with the several vocals is everything! The harmonisations towards the end of the song are stunning!

‘Not Over You’ is up next. This alt pop track is a bit slower than the previous tracks. I enjoyed the various synths and the focus on the vocals and the storytelling. The song talks about the pain of being trapped in longing after a breakup.

‘Night Away‘ is a lovely soft pop track. We get warm guitars and dreamy synths. This is such an incredibly smooth listen. It’s lovely!

The closing track is ‘Blue’. The track sounds so warm and lovely. The vocals are super soft and the vintage drums and beautiful harmonies.

Overall ‘Guilty’ is a great mini-album by Taemin and was well worth the wait. Go ahead and check it out here on Spotify.

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