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[Review] Kang Daniel – REALIEZ

Kang Daniel is back with his new mini-album ‘REALIEZ’. A couple of weeks ago he released his single ‘Wasteland’ as a pre-release, which we wrote about here.


The opening single is ‘Wasteland‘.

After that we get the new title track ‘SOS’. This is such a rad track. It’s a grungy rock track that layers cool drums, with arpeggio synthesizers and Kang’s solid vocals.

The music video is on another level of production and the ‘Mad Max’ inspired car chase was really cool to watch.

‘Supernova’ is up next. We’re going pop rock for this one with a bit of funk added into it. I’m really digging the drum moments in the instrumentation, it adds a really nice kick to it. The vocals in the bridge are super cool and the distortions are really fun!

After that comes ‘LIAR’. This is a modern pop track with a very interesting instrumentation. I enjoyed how spacious this track sounds with of the reverb and the synths.

The closing track is ‘Dreaming’. This is a beautifully soft track that really shows how stable Kang’s vocals are. This is absolutely lovely. The choir added to the backing track helped create this very emotive ambience.

Overall, ‘REALIEZ’ is another really solid mini-album by Kang Daniel. I’m sure this will be well-received by fans.

Go ahead and listen to the album on Spotify here.

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