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MV Rec: DAESUNG – Falling Slowly

In this week’s music video recommendation, we’re diving into the world of storytelling, incredible acting, and raw emotions with DAESUNG’s latest single, “Falling Slowly.”

The anticipation surrounding this comeback from DAESUNG, a member of the iconic group BIG BANG, was palpable among VIPs. While receiving music from BIG BANG members is a rarity these days, each release is cherished by fans.

True to form, DAESUNG delivers a captivating performance with “Falling Slowly,” infusing the song with raw emotion and his trademark incredible vocals. This track hits listeners right in the feels, and its impact only intensifies with the accompanying storytelling.

Featuring K-drama stars Mun Ka-Young and Kim Seon Ho, the music video delves into the tale of two lovers whose romance meets a tragic end. With stunning cinematography, impeccable acting, and a compelling narrative arc, this production takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, exploring themes of love, anger, and sadness.

The depth of storytelling in the music video is so profound that it leaves us yearning for a full-length drama adaptation of the story. We’re confident it would attract a massive viewership.

If you’re curious to experience the storytelling and emotional depth of “Falling Slowly,” be sure to watch the music video below.

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