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Monthly Hip-Hop and R&B DisKovery – June 2023

The start of the summer season 2023 brought plenty of smooth tunes, and newcomers leaving a very strong impression with their first release. We have gathered a few gem you should keep an eye on, we are sure we will listen to more of them. Let’s begin this month music DisKovery. 

Starting with a new debut, BaddyBlack teamed up with known indie producer KEYMAKER for the album ‘MONOGRAPHY’, this release has a bit of everything, with a mix of smooth R&B and Hip-Hop. This album is worth checking out from start to end, make sure to listen to it here.

To keep up with their upcoming projects follow their Instagram accounts (Keymaker/ BaddyBlack)

Not so new but very underseen, Leebido, released the collaborative album ‘A Prescription for’ with HD BL4CK. This release is a sick listen from start to end, the feature with our SINCE is our personal highlight, but overall this album is super dope, listen to this release here.

Here is Leebido’s Instagram if you want to keep an eye on his projects. 

For heavy hip-hop with a low-key aggressive feel, TOKAI released the EP ‘GecKoin’, he has been around for a while, however, his title track for this release featuring Ja Mezz, sold this entire release. Check it out for a boost of energy.

Check his Instagram for updates on his releases. 

NYOON is a new artist, and her debut extended play ‘O (Circle)’, took us to the moon and back with her smoothness, vocals and flawless sound. This woman left us shocked with her style and sound. Listen to her debut EP to travel through space. 

Check out her stunning visuals on her Instagram

We are all missing out on ITÉ discography, he released the album ‘Sound-Line’ and we were shocked at how he is not spoken about enough. His hip-hop style is very refreshing and cool, for this release the mixes of EDM and Hip-Hop was absolutely flawless and the features incredible. Dive into this piece of art here

Here is his Instagram if you wanna check out his works and life updates. 

That’s is a wrap for this month Hip-Hop and R&B DisKovery, let us know which was your favourite release in the comments.

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