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Korean Hip-Hop/R&B Discovery – March 24

Welcome back to another edition of Korean Hip-Hop and R&B DisKovery, where we explore the dynamic world of music that spans from smooth melodies to hard-hitting beats. This month, we have an eclectic mix of sounds that are sure to captivate your ears. Let’s jump right in!

Kicking things off is OSUN with his latest single album “VITRUVIAN BOY.” With just four tracks, OSUN takes listeners on a mesmerising journey with his signature style. Each song is not only dope but also impeccably crafted, showcasing his talent and versatility. Be sure to check out more of his music here and stay tuned for his upcoming releases here

For those craving a touch of jazz and R&B, look no further than Hanna Jang‘s latest single “Power.” From its soulful acoustics to captivating vocals, this track delivers an immersive experience with every second. Dive into the enchanting world of Hanna Jang’s music here and follow her on Instagram for updates and aesthetics.

Our highlight of the month goes to Fisherman and his latest mini-album “DLC.” Featuring a solid lineup of collaborations, this release takes listeners on a musical journey like no other. Be sure to check out our review of this mini-album and follow Fisherman on Instagram for future projects. Listen to this release here.

Wrapping up this month’s DisKovery is EK with his album “ESCAPE.” This release offers an incredible mix of beats, raw rapping, and old-school hip-hop influences that make it an epic listening experience. With no single standout track, “ESCAPE” demands to be enjoyed from start to finish. Stay updated by following EK on Instagram, and listen to this release here.

That concludes this month’s DisKovery. Let us know in the comments which release was your favourite and keep an eye out for more musical treasures in the future!

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