[Review] DKZ – REBOOT

DKZ is back with the music in their second mini-album ‘REBOOT’, it has been a while since their last release, lets get right into the music.


We’re together‘ kicks off this mini-album on a soft tone with single rich in emotions and harmonies. The arrangement in this song if fresh and heartfelt, definitely an interesting mix that sets the tone for this release.

The title track ‘Like a Movie‘ comes up next with serious summer vibes in a lovely pop arrangement. This single is refreshing, very fun and lighthearted, with lovely singing and cool rapping. For the music video, the members begin an adventure, packed with surprises, wholesome moments and a los of cuteness. Check it below.

With lovely instrumentals, ‘Special Day‘ takes over with a fantastic layering and flow. This song develops flawlessly, capturing listeners in every second with its build up, drops and great vocals.

Recollection‘ brings emotions with a minimalistic guitar riff and piano orchestration. This single focuses a lot more in the feelings and the singing, delivering an exceptional listening experience, with beautiful vocals, ad-libs and a lot of heart. Closing this mini-album is ‘Our tomorrow‘ adding the retro touch to this release, in a song filled with a hopeful feel and bright vibes.

DKZ’s ‘REBOOT’ is definitely a lovely listen, packed with surprises and lovely tunes. Check it out here.

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