Queens of K-R&B and K-Soul

Moon Sujin X Webtoon ‘Killer Peter’

Moon Sujin is leading the new generation of the K-R&B scene. She has participated in Naver Webtoon <Killer Peter>‘s OST as a second runner, following BLASÉ.

<Killer Peter> is a new ‘killer thriller’ webtoon that started on September. It’s a collaboration of webtoonists Kim Jung Hyun of ‘Viral Hit’ and Lim Rina of ‘White Blood’. <Killer Peter> is also called ‘the webtoon version of <John Wick>’, since it is about a legendary killer that rejuvenates to revenge.

Moon Sujin‘s new OST ‘Not Over’ is ‘Yuna”s theme song that depicts the merciless judge on the good and the bad. The energetic drum sound goes well with Moon’s dreamy and soulful voice, making a mysterious vibe throughout the song.

Moon Sujin’s most loved video on YouTube! The original version of ‘Only U’ with Jiselle.

?BMK, the Soul Diva’s 20th Anniversary?

Korea’s leading soul diva, BMK‘s new studio album [33.3] is finally released after 16 years. This year marks the 20th anniversary of her debut as well.

The new album, filled with 12 colorful songs, is based on her life experiences and musical identity. This is well reflected on the title of her album. The title, “33.3,” refers to the depth of her free-diving experience. The album is said to carry a story of her shouting from under the water and out of the water.
In particular, she recommends listening to the whole album from start to finish. Let’s go on a joyous journey with her!

MV of ‘Goodbye to longing’

The music video is a part of a indie movie ‘The Remains of the Time’, shot in a 60-years-old independent movie theater called ‘Wonju Academy Theater’, demolished this year.