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We’re back with the latest K-Indie Chart and this time we’re looking at the biggest sellers of the month March! Let’s dive in!

Photo credits: Mirrorball Music

The two newcomers this week are Silica Gel with ‘Power Andre 99’ and THE ADE with ‘My Wonderland’.

Silica Gel – Power Andre 99

This is an older release. The album came out in December 2023. It’s a whopper of an album, containing no less than 18 tracks.

The album boasts popular tracks like ‘Tik Tak Tok’ featuring So!YON!, ‘NO PAIN’ and ‘Mercurial’.

Overall ‘Power Andre 99’ is a solid rock album with a variety of sounds and vibes. As always the instrumentals are super solid and the tracks are all carefully crafted so they’re strong enough to all stand on their own.

My personal favorites, other than the thee hits, are ‘Realize’ and ‘Babyface’.

You can listen to the album here.

THE ADE – My Wonderland

For a completely different musical vibe we go to THE ADE with the duo’s new album ‘My Wonderland’. This was released at the end of February.

From the very first track ‘My Wonderland‘ we set off to a fairytale. The opening with the flutes created a very Disney-esque moment. This is literally such a heartwarming, uplifting, lovely single.

For you who are starting a new beginning‘ is dedicated to the army captain who ended his position in the military, according to the album description. “This is a song expressing support for the new beginning of the captain who devoted himself to the country for decades and led it well even in difficult times. We cheer for everyone’s brilliant new start.”

Other highlights in the album are ‘Kota Kinabalu’ for its use of ukelele, ‘a humble superpower’ for its whimsical feel and the ‘My Wonderland epilogue’ for its wholesome closure of the album.

You can listen to the album here on Spotify.

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