The Hottest Cover Artist on Instagram Reels

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Park Chan Young, back as a singer-songwriter

Cellist and singer songwriter Park Chan Young is back with a new single ‘Let’s leave’. 

Park Chan Young first made his own name by appearing on JTBC ‘Super Band’. As a pro session cellist, he participated in various K-pop songs like IU’s ‘Next stop’, ‘Winter Sleep’, ‘Love wins all’, Leechanhyukvideo’s ‘I lost my umbrella for the first time’.

Park Chan Young is more known as a cover artist on short-form social media. His covers with a cello hit 1~9M views on reels.

[Lyric Video] Park Chan Young – Let’s leave

The new release ‘Let’s leave’ is an easy, uplifting song that features Park’s soft, low voice tone and acoustic guitar sound. The warm lyrics and melody will take you somewhere else, where no worries exist.

“What’s that large guitar thing?” / “What are you doing to your cello?” – Park Chan Young’s signature cello pizzicato made people confused. Check the most loved covers, ‘Seven (Jung Kook)’ and ‘Dandelion (OOHYO)’ with two different styles.

Park Chan Young – Love wins all (IU) (Cover)
Fun fact : Park has participated in IU’s ‘Love wins all’ as a cello session

Park Chan Young – Steal The Show (Lauv) (Cover)
Check his multi-instrumentalistic moment!

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Kim Seung Joo – Poor Little Cake
– ‘Mom always brought a cake to my basketball game. But I’m not sure if I deserve it. Poor little cake…’ – Garbage Time

Aiowell – Embarrassed
– ‘Embarrassed that I lost you.’

Rolling Quartz – Stand Up
– Rolling Quartz’s present for the fans who have waited so long during their world tour.

Im Yoon Seong – Island of youth
– A song for the twinkling youth – with minimal, acoustic instruments.

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Kim Feelsun, the singer-songwriter who expresses the serene sadness. Her songs ‘Mama’ and ‘Spring day’ released in 2021 and 2022 has climbed back up on charts by the live clips getting viral on socials. Getting noticed by the music industry, she was recently invited to Lee Hyori’s show ‘The Seasons – Lee Hyori’s Red Carpet’.

‘traveler’ was pre-released on Kim Feelsun’s social media and it was loved by so many indie music fans, hitting 400K views. Check the new music with her plaintive, ethereal voice and delicate emotions.

‘Someone who is not good at love, has a traveler inside. You’ll think the traveler could protect you from bad things happening about love, but actually, it takes you far away from the sunny anchorage where you wanted to reach.’ – Kim Feelsun

 Kim Feelsun x Lee Hyori – Mama @Lee Hyori’s Red Carpet

Lee Hyori suggested an unrehearsed duet to Kim. Lee Hyori’s warm voice tone makes a contrast with Kim Feelsun’s, and makes it sound like a deep conversation between sisters with big age gaps. Here‘s the solo version of Kim Feelsun.