We’re back with a new K-indie Chart and this time we’re checking out your favorites from the month of April. Let’s take a closer look at some of the newcomers.

There’s a lot happening in the chart this month! We love to see artists like HANRORO thrive. ‘Take-off’ was a brilliant release, so first place is well deserved!

Kim Sawol is, as always, an absolute powerhouse, so seeing her latest album ‘Default‘ on the chart is a treat!

Last month we wrote a full review about Silica Gel’s release, you can click here for that.

For this deep-dive let’s take a closer look at MGFF and their EP ‘BLUEBLACK’.


This is the first comeback of MGFF with as a trio (SNOOQ, Hebron and UHI) and subsequently also the first part of their new ‘COLORS’ series.

The EP ‘BLUEBLACK’ starts off with the track ‘Ghost’. This indie rock number is completely in English and has some funky guitars and a catchy hook. I enjoyed the chaos ‘Ghost’ descends into in the last part with the distorted synths.

Fingers dance upon your skin,
A symphony of love within
Tryna chase a feelin but I’ll never feel it though

MGFF – Ghost

‘HONJA’ is the next track and this is a deceptively happy sounding track. The lyrics are restless and meandering, just like the POV. There’s a bit of funk in the instrumental and the bass is going places. The electric guitar creates this happy-go-lucky vibe.

Next up is ‘Blackwater’ which is the title track of this release. This is powerful, angry and feels like a warning. The instrumentals are going crazy while the vocals feel quite restrained. I enjoyed the vocal stacking. The drums are definitely a highlight in this, while the guitars are absolutely shredding away in the last section.

The closing track is ‘Don’t’. This is a solid indie rock track with a groovy vibe and a bit of a tropical side to it. I like the preppy chorus and its catchy hook. It’s an earworm and will have you vibing in no time.

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