B-)AND | #3 The cool memories of the past, ‘The Bowls’

‘B-)AND’, Mirrorball Music’s new series that introduce Korean indie bands.

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B-)AND #3 Band ‘The Bowls’

‘The Bowls’, the 4th team ‘B-)AND’ presents.

Band ‘The Bowls’ started in 2015, releasing EP [The Ballad Of Bowlin’ Bowls]. The band consists of 5 members who were the in the school band of Seongsan Middle School – Seo Gunho(vocal/guitar), Park Junsung(guitar), Yoon Hyunsub(bass, trumpet), Lee Seol(drum), Im Sunghyun(keyboard). 

They used to called themselves ‘Hot Pots(뚝배기들)’, but changed the team name to ‘The Bowls’, that showed their musical style and band color better. The band discovers the legendary figures and masterful performances of rock history, and make their own sound out of the inspiration.

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이설 임성현

Seo Gunho(vocal/guitar), Park Junsung(guitar), Yoon Hyunsub(bass, trumpet)
Lee Seol(drum), Im Sunghyun(keyboard)

Band ‘The Bowls’’ musical identity is a ‘mixture’. They mix various genres’ elements, from blues to psychedelic rock sound, punk, hard rock and even trendy pop sound and jazz. The undefinable music of The Bowls gives interesting options to the indie scene. 

“These young musicians made a new kind of cosmos called ‘The Bowls’, out of transitions and transformation of various genres and chaos of mixture.” – Shin Hyun Tae (Music critic)

‘The Bowls’ has been around for 10 years.

Three studio albums and more releases, two Korean Music Awards nominations.

Introducing the representative albums of The Bowls, the band that proved their excellent performance by performing in various festivals and shows including ‘Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival’ and ‘Live Club Day’!

If We Live Without Romance 프로필

Psychedelia of the rock kids in the twenties, The Bowls’ first EP [The Ballad Of Bowlin’ Bowls]
Release Date | 2015.10.21

The Ballad Of Bowlin' Bowls

The recklessness that only twenties can have, but bold as well.
The Bowls started their band with this album. You can feel the 20th century’s legendary bands breathing in this album which is filled with the mixture of progressive and psychedelic rock sound.

The Bowls – The Ballad Of Bowlin’ Bowls

‘Well-made pop music’, The Bowls’ 1st Studio Album [If We Live Without Romance]
Release Date | 2019.03.02

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In their first album, The Bowls added the touch of acoustic music and standard pop to the blues and psychedelic rock sound, making their music richer and committed to the mixing and mastering to embody the texture. This album earned 17th Korean Music Awards nomination as ‘Best Rock Album’, and the band hustled to release the 2nd album in the same year.

The Bowls – COSMOS

Blast from the past, 3rd Album [Blast From The Past]
Release Date | 2022.02.20

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The 3rd album absorbed a wider range of music including trendy ones like electronic and pop. The French pop band ‘Tahiti80’’s bassist ‘Pedro Resende’ participated as a main producer, arranged and mixed instruments, adding perfection to the album.

Even though there was a 3-year hiatus after the 2nd album, this album was nominated on 20th Korean Music Awards ‘Best Modern Rock’. This became a foothold for The Bowls to perform on bigger stages.

The Bowls – Mr.Love

[ONSTAGE] Sir, we just call this ‘good music’ / 233. The Bowls
The Bowls – Round&Round

April’s confession with spring scents, single [Knock]
Release Date | 2024.04.19

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The guitar riff and the sound layers, repetitive and frank lyrics convey the atmosphere of April when spring flowers are in full bloom.

The Bowls – Knock

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The Bowls performed at a venue at Mapo-gu called ‘GongSangOnDo’ on April 20.

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‘The Bowls’, the band that keeps on exploring and developing.

We truly hope their music could resonate loudly in the Korean indie scene very soon.

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ABOUT The Bowls

Buy CDs Online : [Blast From The Past] 

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