IRRIS shines in the debut single ‘WANNA KNOW’

IRRIS is the latest girl group debut under JUSTICE RECORDS. Consisting of I.L, Liv, Yunseul and Nina, this group is ready to shine and showcase their talent in their debut single album ‘WANNA KNOW‘ including three new single and the instrumental version of the title track.

The name of this group is an abbreviation for “is the Reflection of Reality and Illusions“, and three of the four members were part of the now disbanded group Good Day. We are rather intrigued by their concept and story. Let’s dive into the music prepared for this debut release.


The lead single ‘WANNA KNOW’ starts off this debut released and get ready for VOCALS! The funky trumpets in the chorus and the build up for it completely transform this single to an urban genre anthem. This song is trendy, catchy, feminine, and definitely an outstanding debut. Its full flow, production and style just super dope.

For the music video we get to appreciate the members’ stunning visuals, in aesthetically pleasing sets and cool outfits. I really dig their choreo and I can totally see it become a TikTok trend. If you want to know what I mean, watch it below.

BYE BYE’ follows with a slow R&B tempo, emotional singing and a lovely instrumental build up. The harmonisations are absolutely flawless in this song, and the members really go in for a soft and soulful lyric delivery. Their vocal register can really appreciated in this track and their mix is very pleasing to listen to.

Pop and R&B meet in ‘STAY WITH ME’ to creative chill vibes. This single is all about chilling and enjoying, the ad-libs in this track and super good, and it really end this debut release on a rather cool and satisfactory note. The perfect ending song.

I am looking forward to IRRIS’ next releases, they definitely started on a high note. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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