Photo credits: Seo Jayoung

[Indie Pick] Seo Jayoung

We’re back with a new Indie Pick and this time we’re featuring the singer-songwriter Seo Jayoung. 

Seo Jayoung made her debut with the single album ‘Midnight Lamp’.

The year after she came back with the three singles ‘Fantasy’, ‘As the season changes’ and ‘Together’.

Then in 2020 Seo Jayoung released her first EP ‘Monologue’ and the single ‘Til you can’t reach’.

Her second EP came out the year after. ‘Shape of Love’ contains five songs with some killer collabs.

Last year in 2022 Seo came out with the two single albums ‘In the end’ and ‘Breath’.

This year she released the single ‘How about U’. Her most recent comeback is with the single ‘Closer’.

Seo Jayoung is, in my opinion, a hugely underrated singer who really knows how to put together a compelling text and beautiful instrumentation. Go ahead and listen to her full discography here.

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