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[Review] H1-KEY – Seoul Dreaming

The girls from H1-KEY are back with their new mini-album ‘Seoul Dreaming’. About a week ago they released their pre-release single ‘Time To Shine’.

Seoul Dreaming

We start off with the opening track ‘Intro : Seoul Dreaming’. I really like how the album description described it: “it opens the door to the album, beginning with the sounds of Seoul. The noise of the city, such as street noise, people’s conversations, and car horns, combine with the energetic kick drum and electric guitar sounds to convey the atmosphere of Seoul full of passion and romance. In the second half, the sound of the synth pad intersects with the sound of the train, leading to the second track”

The first of two title track follows that. ‘Seoul (such a beautiful city)’ is a fun, retro funk song that has a lot of 80s influences and was co-written by Young K from Day 6. I really enjoyed listening to this track and the vocals are just great.

After that comes the second title track ‘Time To Shine’ which we wrote about here.

Next up is the track ‘Low-key Scared but H1-KEY ready’. This is a synth-pop dance track with a killer bass in the instrumentation. It’s a vibe, I dig it!

‘Magical Dream’ takes us to the streets in Latin America for a dance. This is such a cool track! The Latin inspired instrumentals with the modern trap beat are a moment and it makes it fun and fresh. The vocals with the claps are a cool combination that I always love.

The last two tracks on the album are the instrumentals of the two title tracks.

You can listen to ‘Seoul Dreaming’ by H1-KEY on Spotify here.

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