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[Actor Spotlight] Sung Yoo-bin

For this week’s Actor Spotlight we’re taking a closer look at the filmography of actor Sung Yoo-bin. He’s only 23 but has been acting for more than ten years. 

Sung Yoo-bin had his debut as a child actor in 2011 in the Ahn Sang-hoon film ‘Blind’. 

Throughout his early days he usually played the younger versions of some of the main roles. He often played in historical series or in thrillers. 

In 2017 he started gaining more recognition. For his role in the film ‘Last Child’ he was nominated for Best New Actor at both the Blue Dragon Film Awards and at the Busan Film Critics Award. The latter one he won.

That same year he was also in the popular film ‘I can speak’ and in the big box office hit ‘Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds’.

In 2018 he also starred in the K-drama ‘Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me’ for the KBS Award for Best Young Actor. 

The year after he portrayed a role in the film ‘Moonlit Winter’.

In 2022 he was in the sequel of ‘The Witch’ which we wrote about here.

He also played alongside IU and Song Kang-Ho in the film ‘Broker’ which was released last year.

His latest project is the sport film ‘Count’.

At this point Sung Yoo-bin is still a bit of an understated actor, however he chooses his projects really well and is really working on his portfolio. The projects he’s been involved with are awesome and I really believe that if he continues what he’s doing, he’ll steadily gain more recognition.

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