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Monthly Hip-Hop/R&B DisKovery – July 2023

Welcome back to a new month in our Hip-Hop and R&B DisKovery. For July we had a lot of newcomers with interesting sounds and bright careers ahead of them. The visual concepts and style of these releases is rather unique, let’s get right in and check the music.

Starting with a new find, Suitz released her single ‘Twerk’, even though this release is only one song, the sound, vibe and style totally caught our attention. She’s been releasing music since 2021, dive into her discography here.

For aesthetics and gig-updates, check her Instagram

For a touch of old school Hip-Hop and dope instrumentals, the crew Home Slice debuted with the EP ‘Homie World’. If you are up to a good classic sound, this release is for you!

You can listen to this debut EP here

Another new  find was Ambid Jack with his latest album ‘Freudian’, his rapping, flow and style are an interesting mix of old hip-hop vibes with a rather trendy and modern style. If you want to know what we are talking about, listen to this release here

Follow him on Instagram to stay up to day with his gigs and music. 

Our last discovery is a BEAUTIFUL NOISE’s artist, Chanju released the EP ‘Wonderland’, and this release is nothing but smooth, dreamy and full of incredible music. If you are up to listen to charming instrumentals and a very unique vibe, listen to this release here.

Check her Instagram for beautiful pics and aesthetics inspiration. 

Thats a wrap up for this month’s disKovery, check our exclusive Spotify playlists for even more recommendations.  

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