EVERGLOW Returns with the Single Album ‘Zombie’

EVERGLOW is finally back with new music, and their fourth single album, ‘Zombie’, has everyone buzzing with excitement. Known for their hits like ‘Adios’ and ‘Bon Bon Chocolate,’ the group has set high expectations, and they’ve certainly delivered with this latest release. Let’s dive into the tracks and see what they’ve prepared for their fans!

The title track, ‘ZOMBIE’, kicks off the album with sultry vibes, blending acoustic guitar with dynamic EDM progression. The song’s structure is intricate and captivating, featuring surprising transitions that keep listeners engaged. The members’ vocals shine throughout, making this track a thrilling auditory experience. The music video complements the song perfectly with its sexy and mysterious aesthetic, stunning visuals, and an awe-inspiring concept. It’s a total masterpiece.

Next, ‘Colourz’ brightens the mood with its upbeat tempo, packed with energetic tunes and powerful drops. This track is a fun ride from start to finish, thanks to its infectious vocal harmonies and exhilarating build-ups. It’s a perfect follow-up to the intense title track, showcasing EVERGLOW’s versatility.

The album closes with ‘BACK 2 LUV’, a delightful pop single infused with disco and synth elements. The song is a charming and enjoyable listen, featuring delicate and lovely vocals from the members. It’s a sweet and fitting conclusion to a fantastic single album.

EVERGLOW has delivered another series of bops in ‘Zombie’. Each track is unique, fun, and adds a special touch to the album. Don’t miss out on this incredible release. Listen to the single album here and let us know which track is your favourite!

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