Photo Credits: C9 Entertainment

Cignature Returns with New EP ‘Sweet but Saltie’: A Summer Treat

Cignature is back with their vibrant new EP album, ‘Sweet but Saltie’. This release includes a track available in both Korean and English versions, alongside two new singles that beautifully showcase the group’s charms.

The album opens with ‘I Like I Like’, featuring lovely piano instrumentals and an impressive progression. This single is the perfect way to kick off the album, offering a solid blend of singing, rapping, and instrumental sections. It sets a delightful mood for the entire release.

Next up is ‘Poongdung’, which captures the essence of summer with its funky, refreshing tunes and adorable vibes. As the title track, it stands out with its fun, cute, and bubbly singing, perfectly embodying the seasonal feel. The music video complements the track with a full-on seasonal aesthetic, featuring a vibrant colour palette, charming styling, and captivating scenery. Watch it here below:

Following ‘Poongdung’ is ‘Melody’, an emotional pop single that resonates deeply with its listeners. The track features cool vocal distortions and a compelling build-up, with peaks that tug at the heartstrings and drops that add an intriguing twist to this heartfelt tune.

The album concludes with the English version of ‘I Like I Like’, allowing fans to enjoy the song in both languages. Don’t miss out on this delightful EP. Listen to ‘Sweet but Saltie’ now and let us know which track is your favorite!

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