Dance Choreo Of The Week
Photo by A Project Home Production

Dance Choreo You Should Watch: Chibi Unity – I Won’t Complain

This will be a weekly feature about a dance video that we desperately want you to see. 

Now there are so many amazing YouTube videos out there, it’s impossible to see all of them. That’s why we’ve picked through a lot of them, to show you some gems, to get you to enjoy some incredible movement. Also we basically live on YouTube right now, so we thought why not share it with everyone?

To start us off we want to point you towards the Chibi Unity who dance to the beautiful song by Benjamin Clementine. The man is a brilliant singer and I wish the entire world would listen to his music. Get ready for some major feels.

The song ‘I Won’t Complain’ is especially striking, which is enhanced by the choreography made by Larkin Poynton who I’m sure will be featured more than once because he’s amazing and incredible at what he does.

The dancers all have a great facial expression, not the easiest thing to do in the world when you’re trying to remember the choreo and you have to be in sync with everyone.

I fell in love with this video the first time I watched it. The entire thing gave me goosebumps, both the dance and the song by Benjamin Clementine go together like PB&J. I hope you will enjoy it as well.

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