Photo credits: YUEHUA Entertainment

[Review] TEMPEST – TEMPEST Voyage

TEMPEST is back with new music in their fifth mini-album ‘TEMPEST Voyage‘. This release marks the end to their Storm series, and includes four new singles, showing fresh and more mature side of this group.

Let’s dive into the music.


This release kicks-off with the title track ‘Lighthouse‘ with summer season vibes, a great EDM driven rhythm, and fantastic harmonies. The balance between a sectioning of vocals and rapping is cool and keeps the song’s momentum going from start to end. The music video centers a lot on the performance, with pretty shots of the members, and clean movements. Check it below.

There‘ comes up next to surprise listeners with a rather magical intro and emotions. For this song, the vocal layering is stunning and it only gets better with the beats’ flow, deep bass, and frequent ad-libs. The vocal line totally shines and makes this single a beautiful b-side.

Moving forward this release is ‘B.O.K‘, integrating rock elements with a fantastic electric guitar riff, and a very cool EDM arrangement that makes the member’s vocal power shine effortlessly.

This mini-album reaches its end with ‘Slow Motion‘ taking over with a charming melody line. This song is very playful and fresh, the sudden changes of pace and beat integration is surprising and impactful, making it the perfect closing for this release.

TEMPEST Voyage‘ is a dynamic release that show a new sound of TEMPEST, and it brings out their unique charm and style. Make sure to check this release here.

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