Photo credits Bighit music

Agust D pre-releases ‘People, Pt 2’ featuring IU

Agust D, also known as Suga from BTS is back with new solo music. Today he released the track ‘People, Pt 2’ featuring IU. This is a continuation of his track ‘People’ from his ‘D-2′ album. This upcoming album is the last installment of the Agust D trilogy.

This is a beautiful soft R&B track that has a lovely flow to it. It feels sincere and like Suga’s pondering life and relationships. IU’s feature as always is amazing. The moments where Suga’s harmonizing with himself is stunning.

The music video is filled with aesthetic shots and Suga playing with a dog. It can’t get anymore perfect.

You can listen to ‘People Pt 2’ by Agust D and IU on Spotify here.